Backgammon Plus (BG+) ©TM Team play Rules

Choose BOX, CAPTAIN, & PLAYER Positions by throwing die/dice. Ties throw again for that position.

Pick a Time Start & Time End period. 

Whichever player reaches the BG+ WIN point or higher before Time End – wins the game right away.


3 player BG+ game – 17 BG+ points to win

4 player BG+ game – 19 BG+ points to win

5 player BG+ game – 21 BG+ points to win

6 player BG+ game – 23 BG+ points to win

Ties -  winner is the player highest in line (Box is highest).

Groups can add points to BG+ win points if they want a longer game.

Doubling cube can only be turned twice in each round - a total of 4 on cube.

No consulting with CAPTAIN or BOXuntil the person’s doubling cube has been turned.

No automatics and/or animals signs, unless all agree.

Player can only risk up to the points that they have.

If Player reaches Negative BG+ points – they are OUT of the game.

No Negative points are scored.

Jacoby rule (gammons/backgammons count as single game if player has not double during game)

When all cubes are turned at same time – Box must take Captain than anyone else.

Box must have at least a break even game when taking cubes thrown at the same time.

- Have to pass Box if player does not have enough points.

LOSING PLAYER scores the round and writes BG+ Check for validation.   

BOX moves the SHUEs’ to the correct positions.

Backgammon Plus (BG+) 4 Player Game – Score Sheet Example

Other BG+ Version:
-  Each person starts with 10 points
If Player reaches zero or negative – they are out of the game.
* Special Rules - Can only happen once ( at least half team players have to agree)
Mutiny rule – CAPTAIN throwing game – No Cube thrown – team player deducts 1 point & withdraws.
Piracyrule – CAPTAIN Doubles & then throws game. BG+ game ends. Nobody wins.